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We're different, we’re innovative, and we don't follow the rules, which is why we’re going to get straight to the point with our philosophy.


We want you to understand that we truly work with and for you; we want to be your business partners, your consultants, and above all your advisors, right from the beginning, and we don't say to the end, because there's never an end to a project like the one we're about to create together


When creating your fitness project, we'll break down the barriers that prevent the economic development of your business, maximise its profitability , and eliminate the complications involved in selecting your gym equipment.

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On the investment you want to make. We'll start with comprehensive advice at the very beginning of the project, with our consultants analysing each and every one of your needs and setting out the guidelines to help you achieve the highest economic return on the investment you want to make.
The investment you make in your business will be so much more profitable with the fantastic Binom Fitness® product lines.

With each of the lines, you’ll benefit from exclusive cutting-edge designs and the most competitive on the market. Our know-how will help you set up profitable gyms with a minimum investment in each square metre of the premises. We'll draw up the project in such a way to ensure maximum economic impact in your gym, helping return the favour on your investment.

We consult on and analyse the potential clientele you want to reach with your project / service.

We carry out a study on your project objectives and how you want to make your business profitable in the gym, payment methods, fees, activities, staff trainers, etc.

We pick out the best equipment to help you realise your project. Once we know the type of clientele and your different business goals, we adapt the project to your needs.


In difficult economic times, we can provide products that adapt to your different needs and room capacities. Our consultants are experts in matching the different qualities and price ranges of our gym equipment lines to offer the best profitability for your business.

Our Binom Fitness® equipment lines can adapt to all kinds of spaces, as well as to different types of access for the delivery and assembly of our machines (a gym at street level with a large entrance is not the same as a personal training room on a third floor without a lift). For all types of access, you can count on our trusted delivery and assembly service.

  • Assembly of machinery: in any type of space or place.
  • Availability of all-in-one machines: in which you can do all types of exercises on a single machine,saving space and costs.
  • Adaptability to spaces: our Binom Fitness® machinery can adapt to all kinds of spaces, large and small: homes, specialist centres (for example, yoga) who want to incorporate fitness into their rooms, for personal trainers, and all kinds of niche markets

At Binom Fitness®, we adapt to the most important of all needs and capacities: your business investment.

  • Gyms based purely on cardio and weight room activities.
  • Gyms based purely on guided activities and that provide essential room services.
  • Gyms that want their business to be based on personal trainer services, with other equipement services being complementary.
  • Centres whose main activity isn't fitness but who want to add a complementary business (pilates, yoga, rehabilitation).
  • Businesses that want to add a fitness component to their portfolio (hotels, federations, clubs).

We can deliver to Binom Fitness® customers in each and every one of the different towns, cities, provinces and communities of the Spanish peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. And not only can we assemble the specialised machines we sell, but we also offer different delivery options depending on the different access available.

Here’s a simple example with our line of Bsteel lever machines.

  • 100% factory-assemble and calibrated machines, with customised paint design in your corporate colours an direct deliver, for premises with large and simple access.
  • 100% disassembled and boxe for gyms with complicated room access or in locations that don’t allow for the delivery of assembled machine

At Binom Fitness®
we adapt to your spending power

At Binom Fitness®, we have different quality lines with products available for both the most ambitious customers and those more limited in their economic purchasing power. We have product lines to cover all kinds of factors:


All our machines follow a rigorous "pricing” system to ensure you always buy with the best quality at the best price.


We have different designs in all our equipment lines to make sure we look great in gyms that already have machines from other brands and manufacturers. We offer machines with different structural finishes, covers and colours, but all following the Binom Fitness® quality standard.


We're the only company in the sector with such a vast product range: 5 lines of selectorised machines, 2 lines of lever machines with more than 40 different products, as well as numerous cardio and accessory lines.


At Binom Fitness, our fitness machines undergo a rigorous testing process to guarantee their quality.