Instant financing and leasing

At Binom Fitness®, we want to support our clients and offer them a Private and Professional financing service to help them create the gym or business of their dreams. We offer a simple, easy and secure way to work out your financing capacity and options.

We offer you maximum flexibility, as well as financial, accounting and tax benefits.

Instant financing

Individuals: Instant financing assessment of up to 24 months interest-free for our individual clients through the largest instant finance company in Europe, Pagantis (Pay +- Late).

Professionals: Personalised and tailor-made financing assessment for all our professional clients with our renting and leasing portfolio with accounting, tax and financial benefits.

Flexibile payments of between 12 and 72 instalments with our financing partners for professionals.

Accounting tax and financial

Accounting benefits: The renting quote is directly accounted for as a current expense, avoiding several accounting entries.

Tax benefits: For companies and professionals whose assets are used for professional activities, the leasing fee is a fully deductible expense. In addition, the VAT on the instalment can be offset up to the total amount.

Financial benefits: You can use the product without having to pay for it in full. All leasing costs are transparent. It does not count as debt and therefore does not reduce creditworthiness