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Binom Steel Force B21 with 120Kg x2, Multigym, Mobile Arms, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower, Leg Press and accessories

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The Steel Force Line is the flagship of our brand, these all-in-one machines are designed to have a complete Gym in a small space, we can say that they are our best 4x4 because they can handle everything, don't miss out on yours .
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Binom Steel Force - B21 Multigym with 120 Kg


Train at the highest level with the Binom Steel Force B21. The Binom B21 is a very complete machine in which you can perform endless exercises to strengthen the entire body, thanks to its mobile arms, its platform to support the feet and the two height-adjustable pulleys. It is the comprehensive solution for your professional training, including multiple functions in a single machine.

We are more than sure to tell you that by choosing this machine your investment will be guaranteed with a 100% reliable and precise product. With all the necessary spare parts in stock. You can save space and money. All the biomechanics of this machinery have been created by the best engineers and trainers in order to isolate the muscle in the most efficient way.

B21 Multigym with 120 Kg, Mobile Arms, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower, Leg Press and accessories


The Steel Force line has been designed and created for the continuous demands of the Fitness market, which demands high quality machinery at very competitive prices. You will be able to have the best professional quality in reduced spaces since almost all the machines in this line work more than one muscle group. Machines include:

  • Chassis with ultra-reinforced structure.
  • Top quality stainless steel.
  • The most resistant steel finishes on the market.
  • Exercise change free of double functions that make the exercise much more comfortable.

Binom Fitness is our brand. Recognized in the world of fitness for its high quality and reliability, our machinery is proud to have the best response to intensive use, they are Muscle Building machines that with minimal maintenance will give us joy for a long time.


In this versatile machine you can perform exercises such as squats, pull-ups, rowing or deadlifts. If it is complemented with a bench, it can also be used as a press and perform pectoral or gluteal exercises, for example.

It is the most versatile option to set up your gym at home. The B21 is an excellent machine in terms of performance.

  • Weight of the machine: 424 kg.
  • Total weight: 664 kg.
  • Total plate load: 240 kg. (120 kg. in each tower).
  • Pulley Ratio: 2:1
  • Smith Bar dimensions: 214.4 cm
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 223 cm x Width: 180 cm x Height: 229 cm.
  • * Discs not included.


  • Grip rope for triceps.
  • Stirrup grip.
  • Pull-up bar.
  • Safety support for squats.
  • 240 kg weight plates (120 kg per weight tower).

Do not think about it anymore and if you think about it call us and we will finish convincing you of this machine, that it is not a 4x4 it is a 4x1000.


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Product line Steel Force
Use Profesional, Semi Profesional, Home Premium
Condition Nuevo
Total Dimensions (cm) Length: 223 cm x Width: 180 cm x Height: 229 cm

Dimensions and weight

Total Dimensions (cm) Length: 223 cm x Width: 180 cm x Height: 229 cm
Machine Weight (Kg) -


At Binom Fitness we have the experience to bring your project to life. We put our services at your disposal to help you check which machines are best suited to your space.

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Binom Warranty

At Binomfitness we offer our clients the BinomGuarantee® service, maintenance and revision of machinery periodically:

  • Integral maintenance of your business and all the machinery (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual or annual) the choice of time is up to you.
  • Repair of machinery under warranty.
  • Warranty extensions for all our machines for a small fee.
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The highest quality controls

All of our Binom Steel Lever or Plate Loaded Machinery has been manufactured in Spain, with the highest design and quality controls to offer our customers the best quality at the best price.
At Binom we adjust prices based on the quantity demanded.


Steel Force

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Binom Steel Force B21 with 120Kg x2, Multigym, Mobile Arms, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower, Leg Press and accessories