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Multigym B15 Foldable, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower and Accessories

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The Steel Force Line is the flagship of our brand, these all-in-one machines are designed to have a complete Gym in a small space, we can say that they are our best 4x4 because they can handle everything, don't miss out on them.
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Binom Steel Force - B15 Folding Multigym, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower and accessories


The Binom Steel B15 is the latest from BINOM for the Professional environment. Discover the comprehensive solution for your professional training, including multiple functions in a single machine. It is designed to incorporate 3 of the most popular gym machines in one and to save space when not in use, since it is foldable.

We are more than confident in telling you that by choosing this machine your investment will be guaranteed with a 100% reliable and precise product. With all the necessary spare parts in stock. You can save space and money. All the biomechanics of this machinery have been created by the best engineers and trainers to isolate the muscle in the most efficient way.

Binom Steel B15 Multigym, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower and accessories

steel force b15

The Steel Force line, including the Binom B15, has been designed and created for the continuous demands of the Fitness market, which demands high quality machinery at very competitive prices. You will be able to have the best professional quality in small spaces since it includes:

  • Chassis with ultra-reinforced structure.
  • Highest quality stainless steel.
  • The most resistant steel finishes on the market.
  • Free exercise switching of dual functions that make exercise much more comfortable.

The Binom Steel Force B15 multi-gym is a comprehensive solution for your workouts so you can improve yourself and at the same time save space thanks to its folding system.

The Binom Steel Force has been created and designed to exceed the strength training and rehabilitation goals for high-performance athletes, trainers, it is the Ideal machine for personal training centers, hotel gyms, or premium home and gyms. professionals.

steel force g13

It has a wide range of accessories to offer you a very competitive advantage, thanks to the incredible Binom Steel Force B15 Multi-gym model. Let's see them below:

  • 2 stacks of 90 Kg weights located in the back of the unit.
  • 6 Olympic weight plate holders, Olympic and standard barbell holders and storage hooks for all your accessories
  • And also: Jammer arm, Monolift hook, Core Trainer, Knee support to lower the Lat Pulldown, Pulldown Bar, Collars with Olympic closure, rowing accessory and safety supports.
  • Optional accessories: Hammer arm y monolift hook.

Strength, power, bodybuilding, muscular endurance, glycolytic efficiency, concentric or eccentric (negative) training, compound or isolation, plyometric, slow twitch or fast twitch training.

Keep your workout space clean and tidy with built-in storage. The Binom Steel Force development team has added 6x Olympic weight plate holders and storage hooks for all your accessories. Folding machine to save space when not training.

Professional counterbalanced Smith machine and rails that provide ultra-smooth movement. Equipped with secure locking and release mechanisms and safety closure that allows you to maximize your training in complete safety.



The multi-grip lifting station is ergonomically designed. Grip positions include wide, closed, under and over the shoulder grips and many more varied movements.

g9 poleas

The B15 includes 30 exercise charts in the base unit so that you can build your exercise routine through correct and safe movement patterns and thus you can work your entire body in a way professional and safe.

The B15's professional pulley system allows you to perform more than 75 different exercises. Double guide rails give you incredibly smooth movement. The B15 is an excellent machine in terms of performance.

  • Comprehensive training solution for professionals or global training, very compact machine, a complete gym in a single unit. The comprehensive solution (Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Professional Smith Machine, Accessories and storage).
  • Versatility and total training: Ability to perform more than 75 different movements in all areas of the body, including shoulders, arms, chest, back, core and legs.
  • B15 machine frame foldable easy to save space.
  • High/low pulley adjustment and swivel system for cable crossing and traction.
  • Unsurpassed natural and fluid movement: thanks to the sealing of the pulleys with a high resistance cable.
  • The high-quality linear bearing system provides smooth, maintenance-free action.
  • Smith aluminum bar.
  • Pulley system: 1:1.
  • Net weight: 374 Kg (with 90 kg weight stack).
  • Gross weight: 415 Kg (with 90 kg weight stack).
  • Olympic bar size: 2210 mm.
  • Folded dimensions: 1290*530*2200mm.
  • Dimensions: 1053*1275*2200 mm.

All our BINOM Machinery is manufactured with the highest design and quality controls to offer our customer the best quality at the best price.


More Information
Product line Steel Force
Use Profesional
Condition Nuevo
Total Dimensions (cm) 1053*1275*2200 mm
Machine Weight (Kg) 374 Kg
Available on 15 Dec 2023

Dimensions and weight

Total Dimensions (cm) 1053*1275*2200 mm
Machine Weight (Kg) 374 Kg


At Binom Fitness we have the experience to bring your project to life. We put our services at your disposal to help you check which machines are best suited to your space.

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At Binomfitness we offer our clients the BinomGuarantee® service, maintenance and revision of machinery periodically:

  • Integral maintenance of your business and all the machinery (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual or annual) the choice of time is up to you.
  • Repair of machinery under warranty.
  • Warranty extensions for all our machines for a small fee.
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The highest quality controls

All of our Binom Steel Lever or Plate Loaded Machinery has been manufactured in Spain, with the highest design and quality controls to offer our customers the best quality at the best price.
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Steel Force

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Multigym B15 Foldable, Double Pulley, Power Rack, Multipower and Accessories